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Emilee Watson, Elite Management/Patient Care Coordinator/2nd longest Employee

Emilee is the linch pin in the coastal office locations. Jeff refers to her as his side kick (Robin is to Batman). Jeff looks to Emilee as the Daughter he never had. Emilee exercises knowledge and a caring attitude with a laid back personality to assist in running the coastal offices efficiently. Basically the offices can’t run with our Emilee. She takes care of patient cleanings, setting appointments, checking in hearing aids and keeping us current on all the hearing technology available. Emilee is the second longest in our company. She is began working in the Boone location as a student at Appstate. Jeff figured out that he had a crown jewel and brought her to the coast taking over the Sunset and Southport office locations. Emilee is married and has two crazy dogs Gemma and Dutton who are Labradoodles.


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